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A Culture of Agility and Excellence


Not your typical company

Who We Are

Smart, Agile,


Who We Are

Accugile is not your typical company.

We are a collaborative team of talented, driven and principled people who are passionate about software, brought together because they want to do something amazing.

Whether we’re building a new custom system for a client, fixing a project that’s tied up in knots, or helping to make a software development organization more productive, Accugile delivers.

Our customers start seeing benefits in weeks, not months or years, a radical change for some clients and partners caught up in the inertia of working as they’ve always worked.

Software development with Accugile feels and looks different: it is fast, evolutionary, even fun. There are no secrets – you can walk into an Accugile project room and see exactly where we are at a single glance. We take good ideas – best practices like collaboration, feedback, transparency, and testing – and we build them into the fabric of the way we work. We’ve spent years, and many early mistakes, building up the set of Accugiles’ core capabilities – reusable approaches that we believe to be world class. Of course, every problem is different, and our commitment to satisfying our clients far outstrips any affinity to a set of practices.

The combination of diversity and intellect in our people has created a potent cocktail of ideas, energy, innovation and achievement. It’s what makes Accugile a very stimulating place to work.

Of course, showing up on time, always taking our calls, doing things when we say we will, sticking to the point, the plan and the budget are the bedrock of our business.

But that’s nothing special. Just plain old respect.

Our Ethos



Our Ethos

Partners and not your vendors.

What really excites us, what makes us get out of bed at 4 am for a global conference call, is the thought that what we do makes a difference. We ask our clients (sometimes difficult) questions – why is that needed? Have you thought about it this way? – because we are partners, not just a vendor.

Agile Tools for Flexible Growth

Our handiwork will grow with you. We won’t leave you with tech today, gone tomorrow. We maintain small, efficient team structures and implement Agile Process whenever possible. This preference has frequently driven us to champion open-source technologies and we’ve often played a role in introducing open-source tools to our clients.

99% Perspiration 1% Inspiration

Here at Accugile, we’re all about working smart. But in addition to, not in place of, working hard. Partnering with inspired brands on meaningful initiatives and a deep passion for delivering at the highest possible level – this is what drives us.

We love deadlines

We set deadlines and then try hard to hit every one of them every time, and we love working with clients who promise to do the same. The result of all of this is that we have highly-successful projects with very happy clients.

We are Vendor-Neutral

Our preference has always been for tools that are powerful, yet not intrusive. We’ve used enough bloated software development systems to have a healthy distaste for technologies that look good on a marketing slide deck, but perform poorly when used in the field by able professionals. As a result we distrust tools that try to do a lot of things and prefer tools that focus on a single task and make it easy to integrate with other tools.

Buck Trends, Break Molds

There may be better, but every day is about improving upon what was done before. We are a software development company, but we believe that choosing a good team of people, and ensuring that they are working in a collaborative way is almost always the first priority.



Design and Development Process

Our Process

Typical Milestones

Collaborate a Project

It's easy to see

Why Our Clients Love Working with Us!


Our depth of experience will surprise you

CVA Tanks

CVA Tanks

User Interface Design, HTML/CSS, Content Management, Gallery, Blog | Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX
Midwest Rejuvenation

Midwest Rejuvenation

User Interface Design, HTML/CSS, Content Management, Blog | Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX
The Toywall

The Toywall

Website Changes - Toyfinder Module, Search, AD placements, Add to Favourites, Browse Options
Boerne Cooking Cottage

Boerne Cooking Cottage

User Interface Design, HTML/CSS, Content Management, Classes/Events, Registration, Gallery | Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Paypal Payment Gateway
Jonathan Eborn

Jonathan Eborn

HTML/CSS Content Management, Ecommerce, Videos, NEWS, Blog | Wordpress, Woocommerce, jQuery, AJAX
Technetics Data Recovery

Technetics Data Recovery

User Interface Design, HTML/CSS, Content Management | Joomla, Javascript, jQuery
Honkin Harmonica Shop

Honkin Harmonica Shop

User Interface Design, HTML/CSS, Content Management, Ecommerce, | Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, eshop
Forward Change

Forward Change

User Interface Design, HTML/CSS Content Management | Wordpress, jQuery, AJAX


Crafting high-quality websites and applications from code to pixel

Web Development and Ecommerce

Pixel to



You know you want to present the best customer experience: one that operates in real time, that drives customer engagement, and that improves operations down to the front-lines.

The question is: How do you execute? That’s where Accugile comes in.

Accugile can solve your toughest technology challenges. This is what we do best.

Whether you need usability studies, e-commerce, intranet development, a custom Web application or simply a place to display company information online, our Web development team will provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

The services we describe here may not cover every eventuality we can help with, but they are the reasons we are often called upon. If you would like any more information on any of the Services described here, please write to us or call our office and we will be delighted to interact with you. If you’ve got a need for something else we’d still love to talk. We’ll be the first ones to tell you if we’re not the right partner and the first ones to try something completely different.

  • Responsive Web Design and Programming
  • Web Application Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Database Programming Widget
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Portal Development Website
  • Maintenance and Support
Mobile Applications Development

Fast, Attractive, and

Easy to Use


We don’t pull great apps out of thin air.

We work with our clients to strategize and build according to exact specifications. Our team specializes in designing and developing complex mobile apps that are fast, attractive, and easy to use. We just make it look easy!

Accugile’s expertise spans all aspects of Mobile and iPhone application development. Whether you seek easily monetized native applications or are looking to port your existing web services as an iPhone web application, you’ve come to the right place — we guarantee you an effective, intuitive, and functional mobile presence that brings your business to the cutting edge of technology, for now and for the future.

Accugile has the expertise to support you throughout your product’s life-cycle, taking you from a great idea to a viable retail product.

We specialize in:
  • iPhone & iPad Application Development
  • Android Applications
  • Location-Based Apps and Local Search
  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Mobile Database Integration
  • Games Development
  • Mobile Workforce Automation
  • Retail and Point-of-Sale Apps
  • Social Media Apps Integration
  • Streaming and Rich Media Applications
Search Engine Optimization

Get Found.



You have a great website. But, are your potential customers finding you?

Are you seeing increased hits from relevant visitors? Are visitors responding to your calls to action? Have you seen a positive impact on your bottom line?
If you answered “No”, you’re not alone!

How we do it?
  1. We do our homework. We analyze your website, understand your goals, research your competitors and do in-depth search term research to determine how to gain the most traffic for your money.
  2. We optimize your website to achieve success. Our search term strategy identifies which pages of your site can effectively compete on specific terms. And our complete wireframe audit outlines how your site can be more search engine friendly.
  3. We build your online credibility, inbound links & page rank. Our team of SEO consultants work with you to develop an off-the-page strategy that includes link building, directory submission, online press release optimization, and article distribution.
  4. We measure our success. Every month our clients receive detailed reporting and analysis covering their search engine optimization success metrics.
  5. We don’t require long term contracts. We build our business by making our clients successful—that’s why they choose to do business with us.

The 8 Secret Places to Find the Best Stock Images entrepreneur.com/article/2370…

About 3 months ago

Accugile's new website goes Live today! Would love to hear all your comments. bit.ly/VV6kLk

About 3 months ago

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Our Office

Our Office

We are all about your goals and challenges.

Drop us a line or give us a call and experience why most of our clients are repeat customers. If you’re more of a face-to-face kind of person we’re open Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM. But if you come in through the back door you’re bound to find someone there 24/7.

  • 52, 3rd Street, Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore – 641045
  • +91 – 7502294793
  • Skype: accugile
  • Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:30 am – 8:00 pm Sat: 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
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