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For your convenience, we've compiled a list of questions we get frequently and posted general answers. If you want anything clarified or have additional questions, please don't hesistate to contact us.

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I would like to thank Accugile Technologies for their expertise and creativity. From the clarity of their proposal, right through to the responsiveness of their project managers, they have proved excellent business partners. The website we now have is robust, very cleverly designed and extremely easy to use. It is what allows our clients to keep up to date with the latest financial prices and news and make the right investment decisions. I highly recommend Accugile Technologies.

Pratyush Kakkar,

Accugile is really passionate about user experience and having worked in companies before where user experience is treated as just a 'nice to have', it's incredibly refreshing and motivating to work for a company that truly understands the value of the discipline.

I really enjoy being given the opportunity to try new things, learn from mistakes, and continue to improve. Accugile is very supportive and will give you the tools and equipment needed to get the job done.

Sathish K.V
User Experience
To begin with, below are some of the questions we are often asked about.

Hiring someone for your project is a tough job. We know you don’t always know exactly what you want, so we’ll walk you through it, every step of the way.

What is the best way to contact you?

For general inquiries, the best way to contact us is either by filling out the contact form or by emailing us at grow@[AccugileDomain]. You could also Skype us at: accugile

For project inquiries, please fill out the “collaborate a project” form. This form gives us a good idea of your needs so that we can prepare a detailed proposal for your review.

If you're more of a face-to-face kind of person we're open Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM. But if you come in through the back door you're bound to find someone there 24/7.

What are the skill-sets that associates working at Accugile possess?

Accugile, since 2005, has been seeking out and hiring the most talented and passionate software experts. Linked by technical aptitude, each of us brings a unique background and perspective, but we share a core set of values that includes dedication to advancing the art of software engineering. The Accugile team is comprised of experts in a plethora of programming languages, frameworks, databases, platforms and more. No mater what your needs are, we are confident we can support you.

Would you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

We do it all of the time! Feel free to send it to us and we’ll review it. Please give us as much information as you can in advance to ensure that executing an NDA is worthwhile for both parties.

A lot of our work is done for large companies or on behalf of design agencies that want their name on the box, and whilst we love to get credit for our work, that’s fine with us. So if you need us to work under an NDA just send it over and we can work together and no one needs to know!

How long will it take for my project to be completed?

There’s no exact answer to this, as the time will vary based on the dynamics of the project, how quickly you respond to requests for feedback, as well as how complex your project is. However, we try to keep the timelines anywhere between 4-6 weeks for small and medium sized projects.

Before kick-starting a project, an associate from Accugile will present proposed milestones for the project. We set deadlines and then we hit every one of them every time, and we love working with clients who promise to do the same.

We are very quick at completing projects and at responding to your feedback to arrive at the completed project. As long as you respond to our questions quickly, we will have the project completed much faster than you had anticipated.

The result of all of this is that we have highly-successful projects with very happy clients. There's more to our uncompromising standards, but let's get to those when we have a chat! For additional information, we have written a detailed article, which outlines the individual milestone dates of a typical web site.

Can you guarantee I will be at the top of Google for my keywords?

Nope. No one can make that guarantee and really mean it. If they tell you they can, run away. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a delicate dance of making sure that a website is coded in a way that the search engines can easily parse for data and making sure that the data, or content, that the search engine finds is relevant to what your site is about. We do search engine optimization. Contact us now to find out how we can help make your site search engine friendly.

How much do you charge per page?

A page is not a very good measurement tool for gauging the cost of a website. A page can be as simple as a paragraph of text and a picture or as complex as a dynamic list of inventory items that start with the letter "A". Basically, we don't charge by the page. We charge by how much time it takes to complete the functionality required to make the site work like it's supposed to and look good doing it.

Where can I view my web site in progress?

Once the preliminary design for your web site is complete, we will give you access to login to our Client Studio. Here you will be able to view the preliminary designs, offer feedback for revisions, give approval to begin development, etc.

Once we have your approval on the completed web site, as well as receive payment on the final balance, we move the web site from our client area to your web server – making the site “live” and viewable to the public.

Will my site work in different web browsers?

Yes! Although we favor Mozilla Firefox for it’s strong support of web standards, we do test your web site in the latest versions of many of the most popular web browsers for optimum cross-browser compatibility.

We develop web sites primarily with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer in mind, but check compatibility with Chrome, Safari, and Opera, as well.

Please note that we focus on the current web browser versions. In particular, when it comes to Internet Explorer, we test with IE7 and IE8 in mind. Due to it’s lack of security features, and lack of compliance with current web standards, we have phased out support for IE6. We can optimize sites for this outdated browser, however it would be at an additional cost.

Can I change the design after the coding has begun?

While we do try to accommodate small changes, changes required over-and-above the estimated work or required to be carried out after acceptance of the draft design will be liable to a separate charge.

Once the design has been approved, we have a significant project milestone called 'Design Signoff'. At this stage all design work is frozen, and the approved mockups are handed over to the programmers. Any design changes requested to the mockups after Design Signoff will be charged separately.

Can you source free images for our website?

Sorry, no free images! Images and graphics used by Accugile for mockups, previews and beta releases are solely for sample and test purposes only (Non-Commercial Preview License Agreement). We advise all our clients to use licensed images for their website(s), or if requested, Accugile could source licensed images on your behalf. In such cases, a separate invoice (on actuals) will be presented.

Also, by supplying text, images and other data to Accugile Technologies for inclusion in the website or other medium, we assume you hold the appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions.

What are the post project services that Accugile offers?

Because we’ve held the bicycle and ran alongside our clients for the entire project development phase, we strongly believe we shouldn’t just push them out into the street now that they’re finally getting the hang of it. Experience says they’re going to fall… and something always breaks.

Accugile offers a post-implementation 60-day window to fix any bugs or omissions that lies within the scope of our agreement. We also expect you may want some adjustments made, and we really want you to be happy with your experience in working with our team.

Once the agreed upon Post-Deployment support window is complete, we encourage our clients to use our support ticket submission system to ensure they have direct access to our very competent tech support. Occasionally clients express concern about charges for support that could have been covered under post project support had they been identified sooner. While we do try to accommodate minor requests, our team does have other active projects as well as new engagements we’re starting to roll on to. Therefore, we as a rule keep the existing delivery team together to provide hands-on, call-me-on-the-batphone type support for at least a 60 day window.

Is my website scalable for future upgrades? Are we vendor-locked with Accugile?

• Our code could be easily maintained by another developer. We do not try to strong-arm our clients into vendor-lock. Instead, we desire to retain customers by thrilling them with the excellence and value of our services.

• Our code is not obfuscated, but rather heavily documented in-line, and uses industry-standard programming techniques. We’re not trying to be “clever” in our coding practices!

Have a question not listed here?

If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are always more than happy to answer your questions, and look forward to hearing from you!